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3 Ways to Improve Gaps in Your Smile

6th December 2019

At Abbey House dental practice, based in Staffordshire, we’re built a reputation on providing excellent patient care, high standards and exceptional treatments. In this post, we’ll go through a common patient concern – gaps between teeth – and our top three treatments for correcting and improving your smile.

Missing teeth

If the gaps in your smile are caused by missing teeth, dental implants could be the perfect solution. If you’re eligible for the treatment, we’ll create tooth implants that match the colour of your smile, and are specially made for your mouth. There are lots of positives to having dental implants, but they’re best-known for being discreet, easy to care for, long-lasting and natural-looking. In fact, tooth implants are one of our favourite treatments to carry out on our patients, because they can totally transform your smile.

Spacing problems

For those patients who have lots of gaps and spaces in their smile, we highly recommend Invisalign braces, a kind of clear retainer that you’ll need to change out every few weeks to keep up with your moving teeth. A discreet alternative to traditional braces, one reason our patients love Invisalign so much is that the technology lets you ‘try on’ your future smile with a 3D computerised image. You can also see the changes as they happen, and perhaps best of all, the braces don’t interfere with your everyday life – you can take them out, they don’t affect speech and you won’t have unsightly wires and brackets covering your teeth.

A small gap

If a slight gap between a couple of your teeth is knocking your confidence, veneers could help get things back on track. For this treatment, you’ll have your tooth prepared, with a thin layer of enamel removed to bond the new porcelain veneer to. Just like implants, the veneers will be custom-made and matched to your natural teeth to help create a seamless look. What’s more, veneers can help your teeth look move in-line and uniform, and can also help with mild crowding issues.

Whatever the reason for the gap in your smile, we can help. Whether you’re considering dental implants, veneers or braces, we have lots of treatments that can make all the difference to your smile and your confidence. To book in with our dental practice here in Staffordshire, just fill out our form to get started.