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Jaw Pain

Relieve jaw pain with Abbey House

Jaw pain can be extremely uncomfortable and lead to lots of problems.. luckily the Abbey House team have the answer for you

We are the only practice in Stone offering the new Cerezen treatment

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If you clench or grind your teeth during the night, there is the potential to damage them and also suffer from a range of uncomfortable symptoms such as pain in the jaw joint, ear ache, headache, migraine; limited jaw opening and clicky jaw. We can make a bite guard out of either hard or soft acrylic, this can help to protect the teeth and ease the pressure on the muscles. However if you clench or grind your teeth during the day, the bite guard may not be suitable to wear day to day..…….so this is where Cerezen can be a game changer.

The Cerezen device looks like a small hearing aid so it can be worn, undetected, during the day and night. It works by being placed into your ear right where it meets the tempromandibular jaw joint (TMJ), this will then encourage your jaw into a better position to help stop the grinding and alleviate the symptoms.

Advantages of Cerezen over a bite guard;

  • Can be worn at all times unlike a mouth guard which would be difficult to speak in and be rather bulky.
  • No adverse effects on speech and hearing, can be worn when eating, unlike conventional bite guards which would need to be removed.
  • It is a conservative treatment so there are no negative long-term effects.
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about jaw pain;

Why do I get it?

The main cause of jaw pain is grinding or clenching your teeth, you might do this in your sleep so be unaware, but if you often wake up with a ‘muzzy’ head this might be caused by the grinding. Other causes can include TMJ disorder and missing teeth altering the way you bite together.

What options do I have to help me?

As discussed above you might try a bite guard first and then move over to a Cerezen device, everyone is different so you need to chose the right device for you. This might be influenced by when you grind your teeth- a bite guard might not be practical in the day!

How can I get started?

Give the practice a call and we will arrange a consultation to discuss your concerns.