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Treating Missing Teeth

17th January 2020

Your smile says a lot about you – after all, it reflects how confident and happy you feel. If you’ve got problems with your teeth, your smile is going to be affected – so to have a healthy, happy smile, it pays to book in with us here at Abbey House dental practice in Staffordshire.

At our dental practice, we keep a close eye on our patients’ teeth. One common problem that many of our clients have is missing teeth – whether it’s from an accident or injury, or caused by decay. In this post, we’ll go over a few solutions for situations where you have one or more missing teeth, helping get your smile back on track.

Dental Implants

One of the most effective treatments for missing teeth is to pursue dental implants. These are a type of ‘false’ tooth permanently fixed into your mouth. Tooth implants are made up of a rod ‘root’ part and a top ‘crown’ part. A hole is made into your jaw, the rod is inserted, and once healed, the cap is clipped on top. Dental implants are known for being durable and discreet – in fact, they blend in with your natural teeth so well, you’ll probably forget you’ve got them (and others aren’t likely to notice, either!).


For those wanting to replace multiple missing teeth, a denture might be a better (and more affordable) option. Known for being comfortable and functional, you can actually choose the material they’re made from – for example acrylic (plastic), metal or flexible. Because these aren’t fixed to your mouth, you might need to use a dental fixative to keep them in place for eating and talking, or you could opt for our permanent implant-retained dentures.


Another option for missing teeth is a dental bridge. There are several different types, including the Maryland, which can bridge the gap between the front teeth; a fixed bridge, which uses your natural teeth as anchors; and a cantilever, which is a good option for those with only one natural tooth (or implant) to use as an anchor. Our bridges are usually made of porcelain fused to metal.

What’s right for you?

Whatever the cause of your missing tooth (or teeth) and whatever treatment you’re considering, we’ll book you in for a consultation to get a better picture of your oral state and to help give you some guidance.

To book in with us at Abbey House dental practice, visit our contact page today and simply fill out the form to get started.