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Transform your smile with these 3 treatments

15th July 2018

Smile, and the whole world smiles with you. But what if we don’t feel confident enough in our teeth to grin as wide as we please? Whether you believe your smile to be lacking in uniformity, brightness, or evenness, Abbey House Dental in Stone will help with these fantastic transformative treatment options.


Uneven teeth? Find out about Invisalign.

Uneven teeth often make biting, speaking, and smiling difficult. When we’re not happy with our teeth’s cosmetic appearance, we generally aren’t happy with smiling and showing them off. It’s difficult because we want to laugh and show our happiness, but by stifling this expression we can feel even more downtrodden. What a lot of our patients find, particularly adult patients, is that they don’t want to straighten their teeth because they don’t want the embarrassment of wearing visible braces. It may feel like you’re stuck in a never-smiling loop, but Invisalign clear aligners are definitely an option for you. The superiority of Invisalign lies in their material because they’re made of a clear yet durable plastic that is custom-moulded to your teeth. Even better, they’re removable for brushing your teeth, eating, and social occasions. They work relatively faster than traditional braces because of their tailored nature, so you can achieve straighter teeth efficiently and discretely.


Dull teeth and staining? Try our teeth whitening.

Transforming your smile means, for some patients, improving the whiteness and brightness of your smile. Teeth whitening has and always will be a popular treatment, because many of us will always strive for whiter smiles. We think this could be attributed to our diets and our love of drinks like tea and coffee. These highly pigmented and highly popular drinks leave residual staining on the teeth that builds up to dull and even brown our natural shine. At Abbey House Dental in Stone we offer two different forms of teeth whitening: at-home and in-practice. For at-home use, we will make your custom trays and provide you with daily whitening gel to gently lift your teeth to their desired shade. For those searching for quicker teeth whitening, we also offer ‘power bleaching’ that is performed in practice. We’ll take before and after photos of your teeth whitening treatment journey, so you will really see how far your smile has come.


Want a Hollywood smile? Consider veneers.

Your cosmetic smile is as important to us as it is to you. Some patients have teeth that are uniform and crowded, their differing sizes very apparent and very displeasing to some. Veneers are a fantastic way of achieving a uniform smile without masses of preparation. They’re a thin white porcelain shell that fit over the front of your natural tooth and fixed with a bonding composite. They provide a more pleasing shape to the tooth, create uniformity with the rest of the teeth, and cover broken or permanently discoloured teeth. They allow you to smile without the worry that your teeth don’t look as presentable as you’d like them to be. They’re a popular celebrity treatment for stars who would like a brighter, whiter, more uniform smile and now you can have them placed in Stone.


Transforming your smile could make a wondrous difference to how you feel about yourself. When we feel positively about ourselves and how we look, we no doubt feel an improvement in our overall mood. If you’re smile becomes the exact reason you’re smiling in the first place, then you’re never going to stop!


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