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What does an NHS dentist do?

11th December 2018

We believe everyone should have access to a top-quality dentist so that they can keep their mouth and teeth healthy. As an essential part of your body, your mouth should be kept in tip-top condition to ensure you can eat, smile, and talk with comfort and confidence. As an NHS dentist, Abbey House Dental provide high quality care to patients not seeking private dental treatments. What does an NHS dentist do?


What is an NHS dentist?

In England and Wales, the fees for NHS-supported examinations and treatments to ensure your health are subsidised by the National Health Service, with the patients covering the balance. These prices are fixed within bands that are entirely transparent, so you know exactly the kind of care and treatments you are opting for when you register as an NHS patient.


NHS dentistry bands

  • Band 1 (£21.60) covers dental examinations, simple scale and polishes, radiographs, and preventative care such as applying fluoride varnish or fissure sealant where appropriate.
  • Band 2 (£59.10) covers everything above and also non-cosmetic fillings, extractions, periodontal treatment, and root canal treatments.
  • Band 3 (£256.50) covers treatments in bands 1 and 2 and also includes crowns, dentures, and mouth guards. As a health-focussed provider, cosmetic treatments are not covered on the NHS.


NHS dentistry for children

Because the NHS works to keep essential clinical dentistry affordable and open to all, it is free of charge for children under the age of 18 and for those under the age of 19 in full-time education. Dental care on the NHS is also free if you qualify as exempt from NHS criteria. For example, if you are pregnant or have had a baby within the past 12 months you are entitled to free dental care on the NHS.


What health problems can an NHS dentist help with?

Treating gum disease. As part of band 2, we can help treat the signs of gum disease (periodontal treatment). Gum disease is a very common problem in the UK, with most adults experiencing some form of it, but it is also very easily prevented. If you’re gums are tender, sensitive, puffy, red, or bleeding during brushing, then you might be suffering with gum disease and you should seek advice from your local dentist.

Help prevent tooth decay. As part of band 1, we can apply a fluoride varnish that helps protect your teeth against tooth decay. Suitable for both children and adults, fluoride varnish uses the naturally occurring mineral to strengthen your protective enamel. This makes your teeth more resistant to decay and fortifies them against cavities. You can also find toothpaste and mouthwashes with added fluoride to boost your dental health, too.

Provide fillings. As part of band 2, we can provide fillings to protect a compromised tooth from developing further unwanted holes and decay. We do not provide cosmetic fillings as part of this treatment because NHS dentistry is purely focussed on clinical health and not appearance. The fillings we do provide are sturdy, strong, and reliable, so your treatment and health will not be compromised.


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