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Your guide to implant-retained dentures

26th March 2019

A single missing tooth, or one or two in different places, are reliably replaced by single dental implants. Dental implants are incredibly useful, and they don’t just have to replace one single tooth. For example, are you missing multiple teeth but are growing weary of the unreliability of your dentures? Well, you can now receive implant-retained dentures that are much more reliable than these temporary solutions. Let’s discover implant-retained dentures in Stoke-on-Trent!


What are implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are exactly what they sound like – natural-looking and realistic dentures that and secured in your jawbone by dental implants. A regular and removable denture sits on the gums and is often secured to the roof of your mouth or lower palate with unpleasant-tasting glue, though an implant-retained denture doesn’t require this. It has special attachments that fix your denture onto your implants, so you can still remove them to clean them and to sleep but enjoy all of confidence of eating, chewing, and talking normally.


Are implant-retained dentures worth it?

In terms of enhancing the quality of life, we find that our patients feel implant-retained dentures are absolutely worth it. With the correct care they can be long-lasting, reliable, and restore the form and function of your mouth with ease.

  • Enjoy a have new-found freedom in your diet. You no longer have to change your diet and menu choices to accommodate for unreliable, unpredictable dentures. Chewy or excessively hard foods may cause you a problem, but generally speaking you will be able to enjoy foods you previously couldn’t.
  • Bid goodbye to glue. Denture glue is often unpleasant in taste, texture, and sensation. It can be messy, sticky, and unreliable in how fixed your dentures are. With implant-retained dentures, there’s no need for the gluey nuisance.
  • Laugh and talk with confidence. With implant-retained dentures, there are no unhappy slip-ups or embarrassing moments when your dentures come loose or slip out. There are fixed in your mouth, though also removable should you need to, so you can talk and laugh without any worries.


Your treatment with implant-retained dentures

Typically, your implant-retained dentures will be placed in two steps. Everyone’s treatment journey is unique to them, so once we’ve ascertained that you are suitable to receive this treatment and we’ve conducted your x-rays and preparation, we’ll begin to plan your procedures. Two minor surgeries are required, and these are performed under local anaesthetic which speaks to how minor they are! We first place your implants, which will usually be in the front of your mouth because this area is where your jawbone is usually denser. The first of your two procedures will place the titanium implant roots in your jawbone, where they will fuse to create a strong foundation. The second comes after around 6 months because we first allow your gums to heal. We then expose the top of the implants and fit the implant-retained dentures on top. Simple!


Seeking to replace missing teeth? Trust the dental implant experts at Abbey House Dental. We’d like to welcome you to your initial dental implant consultation, and should you not be suitable for this treatment, we’d be more than happy to guide you with our best advice and recommendations. Enquire online or speak to a member of our team on 01785 818037 to book today!