Dentures at Abbey House

A quick.. simple solution for missing teeth

At our modern practice in Stone, Staffordshire

A denture is a fantastic, quick way to fill the space of a missing tooth or teeth. Our team at Abbey House Dental will discuss with you any concerns you may have.  A denture can be made that will be both comfortable and functional for you. There is a choice of different materials dentures can be made from and we can make the denture look as natural as your own teeth.

We also offer implant retained dentures these give peace of mind and improved function when compared to traditional dentures.

We are proud to provide the service of a Clinical Dental Technician at Abbey House Dental. Our Clinical Dental Technician is passionate about making bespoke private dentures.

For more information about dentures in Stoke-on-Trent or to discuss your circumstances with our denture experts, please contact us today! Call us on 01785 818037, email or complete our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about dentures;

How long do they take?

Making a denture normally takes several visits as we will need to take lots of measurements and recordings of how you bite together to ensure that your denture will fit you as low as possible, these are normally spaced a week apart.

Will I need to use fixative?

Ideally not but dentures can sometimes need a little fixative solution to give you the confidence that it will stay in place during eating and talking. For extra stability we would recommend discussing an implant retained denture with a team member.

I have a tooth missing and a denture made…. Is this the beginning of the end for my teeth?

If you have lost teeth for whatever reason we are committed to helping you keep your remaining teeth for as long as possible. We can work together to prevent anything getting worse. Studies show that natural teeth which support a denture have a higher chance of needing further treatment so routine visits are must.

Do I have to have a plastic denture?

A denture can be made from a number of materials. We can provide you with an acrylic (plastic) denture, a metal denture or a flexible denture. We also provide implant retained dentures.