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Dental Implants: What to Expect

3rd March 2020

If you’ve made the decision to restore your smile with dental implants, but still need some guidance and information on what to expect throughout the process, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Abbey House Dental practice in Stafford, our dedicated and knowledgeable team of Dentists are well-placed in the art of creating beautiful, healthy smiles. Here’s the low-down on this common, effective treatment – at every stage of the process.


Before undergoing any treatment – including dental implants – at our Stafford dental practice, it’s important we can gauge the health of your teeth, gums and mouth and ensure the tooth implants will properly fuse to your bone. We ask all our patients to attend a consultation for this reason. Some patients aren’t suitable for the treatment, or another option may be preferred – for example, dentures. In others, loss of bone in the jaw might require a sinus lift (bone graft) ahead of treatment. Your Dentist will be able to discuss all of this with you during your consultation.

During Treatment

As with any treatment, here at our Stafford dental practice, our Dentists want to ensure you’re as comfortable and informed as possible along every stage. This helps us guarantee the results you’re looking for, while ensuring you know what your treatment will involve and any side-effects or risks that may be involved. For dental implants, treatment involves placing a metal post (acting as a tooth root) into your jaw, with a cap (akin to a tooth crown) fitted over the top once the area has healed. We can show you these parts ahead of your surgery, and will give you full details of the risks and side-effects ahead of you making a decision (such as light swelling or soreness).

After Treatment

Properly maintaining your tooth implants with a good oral routine will ensure your new teeth last a lifetime. For two minutes, twice a day, you should brush and floss your dental implants (you can use tape, or you might find an interdental brush is a better option). We also advise a check-up with one of our team at least every 6 months to ensure your results last.

Getting Started

At Abbey House Dental practice, we’re committed to each and every one of our patients and want to ensure your smile journey goes smoothly and successfully. To book in with us for your dental implant treatment or any other cosmetic or general dentistry, visit our contact page today.