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Do dental implants hurt?

19th June 2019

‘Do dental implants hurt’ is one of the most commonly and understandably asked questions we encounter. We don’t blame you for wondering, though, because the procedure can seem a little daunting. It’s less invasive than you’d think, and a lot less painful than you may have been led to believe too. So, let’s answer the question of do dental implants hurt?

Does the procedure hurt?

The dental implants treatment procedure involves drilling into your jawbone where your missing tooth is and placing a titanium screw, which forms the artificial root. This may seem like it was destined to hurt, but we use a local anaesthetic to perform this part of the treatment. At this point, there shouldn’t be any pain, but you may feel some discomfort. We use only a local anaesthetic so you can still have the pain of placement numbed down but so that you can also communicate with the dental professionals around you. Because this is a minor procedure, it shouldn’t hurt, but it’s actually the healing process that might cause you a bit more pain than you’d expected. Typically, you could experience discomfort for up to 10 days after your appointment, with swelling lasting for 5 of these days.


Dental implants aftercare

Dental implants aftercare depends on how quickly and successfully you heal and your individual needs as a patient, so it’s difficult to give a general overview of aftercare. We’ll talk you through this at your appointments with us, but we can shed some light on how to manage your post-procedure discomfort.


Comfort post-treatment

Soft and cold foods are recommended while your treated area heals, so foods like ice cream and jelly are ideal. Avoid acidic foods and drinks like orange juice but opt for softer drinks that are full of vitamins and nutrients. Keeping your immune system healthy and happy will inevitably help your healing process and fight off infection.


Holding a cold compress to the outside of your cheek or jaw where you had the procedure will also help to lessen some of the pain. Wrap some ice cubes in a towel, use an ice pack, over even a pack of frozen peas.


Seek professional advice if you’re unsure of how you’re healing, are experiencing sensations you don’t think you should be, or have any questions. Speak to the dentist who placed your dental implants and they’ll arrange an appointment with you to come in and check over that you’re healing according to plan.


Dental implants in Stafford

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