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Tooth discomfort can rapidly increase overnight, resulting in the need for emergency dental work.

At Abbey House Dental, we understand that dental emergencies can be inconvenient and troublesome, and we are here to support you and get you treated as quickly as possible.

We are available to treat cracked or broken teeth and dislodged teeth. If you are in an accident and damage your teeth, you must see a dentist promptly.

At an emergency dental appointment, you can expect the same level of treatment as a scheduled appointment. Most emergency dental appointments follow this schedule.

  1. Thorough Examination
    Our dentists examine the damaged tooth or teeth. In addition to a visual inspection, they may use X-rays or a 3D CT scanner to obtain a clear picture of the damage.
  2. Treatment Plan
    Once they’ve identified the problem, our dentists determine the emergency treatment plan. This plan may include a filling, bonding, the placement of a crown, or removal of the tooth.
  3. Apply Anaesthesia
    Depending on the severity of your injury, the dentist may administer local anaesthesia to make the procedure more comfortable.
  4. Sterilisation
    Often, dental injuries result from the impact of an external object. Since these objects tend to be dirty, your dentist sterilises the site of injury to prevent infection.
  5. Repair
    Your dentist either temporarily or permanently fixes your tooth, allowing you to return home.
  6. Make a follow-up appointment
    Even if you don’t require further dental work, you’ll want to schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure the injury site is healing correctly. If the damage was severe, you might need to schedule a permanent restoration.

If you injure your tooth, it’s best to seek dental care as soon as possible, even if the accident happens at night. At Abbey House Dental, we offer several restoration solutions such as crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers to help you regain your smile after an accident.

Contact us on 01785 818037 if you’ve damaged a tooth and require emergency dental treatment.